About Rocpack
Our Mission

The rocpack.io website is funded by the ChemistryHUB.org project under DOE Grant #DE-SC0013278 with a mission to enhance the rate of breakthroughs in complex materials chemistry and materials design.


What is rocpack.io?

Rocpack is a serial simulation tool designed to produce random close-packings of polydisperse, convex shapes. The packs generated are useful for modeling random, heterogeneous materials such as propellants, explosives, aggregates, and other granular materials. The algorithm used is a variant of the original Lubachevsky-Stillinger (LS) algorithm. Outside of the version you see on the site, Illinois Rocstar LLC also provides Rocpack as executable files on Linux (as a .rpm archive) or in a Microsoft Windows executable. Contact us at sales@illinoisrocstar.com for information on licensing Rocpack.


What is Illinois Rocstar LLC?

Illinois Rocstar LLC (IR) performs produces high-performance parallel engineering software and performs computational engineering analyses for U.S. industries and government agencies. Using the IR Rocstar Simulation Suite (Rocstar) and a growing set of multiphysics software tools, our technical staff employ first-principles based physics for high-fidelity numerical analysis of fluid flows, combustion, materials, structures, and their interactions in complex changing geometries.

Our mission is to provide predictive modeling and simulation for industry, science, defense, and security, and seeks to achieve our vision that high-fidelity modeling and simulation will enhance the nation’s security and economic position while minimizing cost and physical risk. We achieve this through development of advanced multiphysics software, and through application of our—and others—software to solve difficult engineering problems in applications from solid propellant rocket performance to ultra-high-performance-concrete microstructure. Our focus is to develop high quality open-source and propriety scientific software. We draw upon our base of scientists and engineers trained in engineering, physics, chemistry, and computer science. Illinois Rocstar LLC open-source and proprietary multiphysics software, combined with our technical expertise, comprises our core competency. This allows us to understand and address client needs using a broad base of technical knowledge.